6 Habits for a Healthy Morning

Rise and shine! Mornings are sacred. From the moment you wake up, your first movements are how you will start your day. If you’re 20-something, the chances are that first movement is to grab your phone. The most common, and most unhealthy habit of all. Cue the instant rush of information about other people’s lives!Continue reading “6 Habits for a Healthy Morning”

Tips and Tricks For A Relaxing Weekend in Bangkok

One of the central points for tourism in the world, a melting pot of cultures, business and design; Bangkok is one of the central hubs of Asia. For many, Bangkok is a nightmare; when visiting the city for the first time it seems to be near impossible to navigate without spending a lot on taxiContinue reading “Tips and Tricks For A Relaxing Weekend in Bangkok”

3 Things You Don’t Think About When Moving to Asia

Moving abroad is an exciting and stressful time. The time between making the decision and leaving flies by; before you know it, your right in the thick of it, in a place you’re not familiar with and wondering where to start. With all the stress of preparing documents, organising visa’s and getting immunisations, thinking aboutContinue reading “3 Things You Don’t Think About When Moving to Asia”

Travelling Around Vietnam: Do’s and Don’ts

Jagged green hills, limestone karsts, rolling hills, hidden beaches, and row upon row of rice paddies: Vietnam is just as good as it looks on the postcards. To make the most of this experience, I’m here to off a little know-how from my five years of living here. Vietnam is a joy to travel around.Continue reading “Travelling Around Vietnam: Do’s and Don’ts”