I’m Eilidh (that is Hayley, but no H… and no D).

Of all articles, blogs and webpages I have written, this is the most difficult. I’d like to think that it is modesty, however, most would call it shyness.

I’ll start at the beginning of my travels to give you a little background;


I left Edinburgh one cold February morning to Budapest. At the same time, I had applied for an internship in Saigon to work in an art studio there. I didn’t think anything of it but I was willing to take the chance. I’d never been to Vietnam. Come to think of it, I knew nothing about the country at the time.

I got back to my room after exploring the Jewish quarter and ruin bars. It was snowing. I checked my phone when I go in, it was the manager of the studio, I had an interview next week. Just one month and two interviews later, it was Saigon was home. Five years later, I’m still here, but not without a little adventure now and again.

This is where my writing journey started, in a tiny office in a fancy area of Saigon, a city that will always be in my heart.


I’m a travel, lifestyle and wellness writer who dabbles in their inner artist on the side, all whilst listening to an eclectic range of music genres to inspire some creativity, wherever it may appear.

In between, I like to seek out adventure; whether that’s hunting out the latest coffee shop in the city or searching for waterfalls and unknown beaches – I like to live with some curiosity, it informs who I am as a person.

I have been writing for the last four years. At first, it was with the odd client. It wasn’t until I jumped into the travel industry that I really felt like I had landed on my feet. Combining my love for travel with my eagerness to perfect my writing felt natural. Three years on, this is my profession, my passion and my reason to get out of bed in the morning – my own personal “why”.

Writing about the beauty of the diverse world we live in gets me excited! When browsing around my blogs and articles on this website, I hope you feel the same too.

Welcome! I hope you like it here.