Winter Warmers: My Favourite Healthy Comfort Foods

Is it just me or did Mother Nature turn off the heating? It’s my first Autumn at home in 6 years. I’m very excited to see nature burst in their vibrant yellows, oranges and reds before winter. Despite the cold, it’s my favourite time of year. Not just nature, but for the food! Stodgy stews,Continue reading “Winter Warmers: My Favourite Healthy Comfort Foods”

6 Habits for a Healthy Morning

Rise and shine! Mornings are sacred. From the moment you wake up, your first movements are how you will start your day. If you’re 20-something, the chances are that first movement is to grab your phone. The most common, and most unhealthy habit of all. Cue the instant rush of information about other people’s lives!Continue reading “6 Habits for a Healthy Morning”

Why Having a Yoga Practice is Important

Yoga is taking over the world – of all things. There are far worse habits to become popular. As generations seek lives away from the grind and hustle that has been laid before us, seeking movement as medicine, and the need to find a place of calm seems like a natural step. It’s one thatContinue reading “Why Having a Yoga Practice is Important”

4 Tips to Integrate Meditation into Your Life

The habits of a lifetime are the ones that improve our lives. Keeping us safe, healthy and strong. Meditation is one of them. With roots in Buddhism, meditation is the practice of looking inwards by focusing on the movement of the breath. The idea of meditation is to try to not think. Only to listenContinue reading “4 Tips to Integrate Meditation into Your Life”

How You Can Use Essential Oils in Your Home

It’s been a while! With travel on hold, I’ve decided to switch it up a little bit around here. I want to add a little more personal elements into this blog. So I thought I’d dip into some lifestyle and wellness, how I like to do things and the benefits that you could get outContinue reading “How You Can Use Essential Oils in Your Home”

Tips and Tricks for Travelling in Sumatra

In a world where we travel more and more, off-the-beaten-path experiences are becoming harder and harder to come by. Until you visit Sumatra. It starts just as you board your connecting flight. You suddenly realise that you are one of perhaps two travellers there. It’s a humbling experience, that is, of course, always met withContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for Travelling in Sumatra”

5 Da Nang Experiences That Will Make You Fall in Love

Updated April 2021. Due to the impact of Corona virus, things are changing rapidly, I’ll try to keep you in the loop. Endless coastline, over 30 km of beach, mountains, custom-made clothes cheap food; you could say Da Nang is too good to be true. And, once you have seen what is possible in thisContinue reading “5 Da Nang Experiences That Will Make You Fall in Love”